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Posted on 2006.07.16 at 09:14
Feeling: geekygeekish
I am now else_endif so friend me there.

Posted on 2006.05.03 at 14:44
Feeling: thoughtfulthoughtful
The days have been warmer and the flowers are blooming. I like spring a lot. Both my hellebores survived the winter and are also blooming diligently. The serviceberry flower buds are swelling. I sure hope we don't get another frost.

My house is truly infested with ants, this year. It's distressing to find them in my cereal box and in the microwave....but yet I can't quite get myself to use the ant bait.......Ahhh, spring...I have tons of spring cleaning to do, and gardening besides...also I need to slip my gaming time in there. Don't expect to hear much from me here for a while.....

...Except this: I've been paying even more attention to trees lately. My father and I discovered a whole grove of young red oaks on my side of the property. My father showed me the assumed mother tree. A beautiful tree nearly one-hundred years old. So close to my house, really...I had no idea. I will visit it again, certainly. Hmm....I've been trying to locate some yellow birch seedling to transplant near my house for shade. Yellow birch grow quickly and live long. The can get up to 4 feet in diameter and quite impressively tall. I am sad to think that few, if any, such elder trees may remain. Yellow birch are valuable to industry for making laminate. Sad. Trees are important to me. I mean, I know they are indifferent to my existence...but that's part of why I like them. All so focused on growing up toward the sun and down toward the water. I admire their single-minded focus on the task of simply growing.

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